• ripa-stripa

    Ripa or Stripa

  • DR_OZ

    Dr. OZ Appearance

  • FORD_commercial

    FORD Commercial

  • anderson_live

    Anderson Live

  • wendy_williams

    Wendy Williams

  • bayou_billionaires

    CMT- Bayou Billionaires!

  • game_killers

    MTV- Game Killers

  • mr_romance

    Mr. Romance (Oxygen)

  • paulas_party

    Paula’s Party (The Food Network)

  • OK_Cable

    OK Cable Commercial

  • big_idea

    CNBC- The Big Idea

  • cbs_news

    CBS News

  • inside_edition

    Inside Edition

  • slendertone

    Slendertone USA

  • Tony C-Pure-Power

    Pure Power Workout System

  • Nutrition Talk-PP

    Nutrition talk- Pure Power Workout Program

  • turbocharger_system

    Energym TurboCharger System

  • flexx_system

    Energym Flexx System

  • workingout_boxing

    Beef the movie (Independant Film)

"If you want to fly like an EAGLE, you can't think like a CHICKEN!"
-Anthony Catanzaro